Special Note from Pastor Densel’s Brother Frank Ball

Pastor Densel remains in the hospital in grave condition following an auto accident which occurred on Friday, April 21st. Below is a note from our pastor’s brother Frank Ball.

“To my extended “Family” the family of God. I ask that as all of you gather in your churches….that you stop and on purpose pause this morning for one incredibly special man… My brother.. The Reverend Densel Ball and pray and bind your hearts as ONE Mighty Voice that will rise before The Throne of Mercy and Intercede on his behalf that we can have a mighty miracle.
See I believe in a creator God that moves on faith and on how to believe that He.. Our Savior can show He is the God of what seems impossable! It’s absolutely scriptural!
He brought Lazurus up from the dead and AFTER 4 Days!
So Helping and bringing the swelling of the brain down in my dear beautiful brother Densel… Is not out of the realm of where The Holy Spirit dwells… But it’ll be because we have bound our Faith in God to do just that.
Please Warrior.. Stand The Wall! Be Vigilant! Use the Powers in your arsenal… Truly believe in the Lord like you’ve never trusted before!
I implore you! Help by your faithful prayer.. In Churches across the Globe… Let a Mighty rush of The Holy Spirit fly from your voices to his hospital bed and move on Densel Ball… Yes my blood brother… But even more.. Your brother in Christ!
And then continue your faith and prayers.
I thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart!”

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