Today was a Hard Day

Copied with permission. Contributor is Cathy Baxter Moyer, Cornerstone Wesleyan Church member.

Okay, here you go…..Today was a hard day – For many reasons – For the last several weeks (maybe months)
I have been exposed, involved or introduced to many situations, circumstances, events that have touched family members, friends, acquaintances and a whole host of others. Some have been heart breaking, some devastating, some hurtful, some prideful and some paralyzing. On Friday, our Pastor was involved in a car accident that has left him in intensive care and as of today, he still has no brain activity. If you ever met Densel Ball, you never forgot him. He worked endlessly and tirelessly for his family, his church family and every other person who came into his path. Today we spent considerable time praying for him and his family.
As Christians and members of his church, we believe with expectations, but as humans, we grieve, worry and weep. As Christians, we have hope in whatever the outcome is, but as humans, we fear how we can survive or carry on without his leadership. Today, I can tell you that with God, all things are possible. Today I can tell you that with His faith, we will continue. Today, I can tell you that with my church family, I have hope and joy in the scariest of times and of the most painful times. Today I can tell you that I am a better person because of my faith and hope no matter the outcome. Today I can tell you that it is this pain that will inspire me to continue to be a light and example. We ask the question “why” when there are no answers. I will ask the question “what can I do” instead. It is never to late!!!!!!