Message from Pastor Matt

Hello Everyone,
Summer is definitely here so I hope you are staying warm and getting to eat a lot of ice cream.  If you are new to this briefing, it is simply an attempt to enhance communication and collaboration in our mission to make disciples at Cornerstone.

1. Look Back 

  • Last Sunday we talked about the “Jesus Pattern” of Up-In-Out.  Jesus modeled the “Up” relationship by spending time with the Father, the “In” relationship by spending time with his disciples, and the “Out” relationship by going with his disciples into the community to preach the good news of the Kingdom. The pastoral team will continue to focus on various aspects of this pattern in our teaching time on Sundays in the coming weeks. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us how to develop individual and corporate life patterns following Jesus’ example.
  • Cornerstone has continued to give generously over the last two months. This has enabled continued ministry and the ability to plan things like the block party and the outreach at the Enclave. I believe God wants to challenge us to be even more generous in the coming months. I can’t wait to see how God wants us to invest in the  Kingdom!
2. Look Up!

  • We will be hearing from our District Superintendent, Max Colaw on Sunday. He will be speaking about “Renewed Vision”
  • This Video from the Wesleyan Church might help get us thinking about this vision:

3. Look Forward

  • This Sunday at 5PM – Celebration of Life Service for Roberta Moore.
  • July 17-21. Missions team will be working at the church.
  • Friday July 21st5-8PM – Block Party at the Church with Mission Team! Share on Facebook! Invite your friends. We will have flyers for you to use at church on Sunday!
  • July 30th – Young Adult Enclave Outreach 3PM.  The young adults will lead us in this mission to reach our community.

Stay cool until Sunday everyone! I look forward to seeing you all this weekend.

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