Belonging Series in April

Every human heart longs to belong to something greater than ourselves. We are created in God’s image, and God eternally existed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Over the next few weeks at Cornerstone, we are going to talk about what it means to Belong—to Jesus, to a church fellowship, and to a church family.

We are simply calling this series “Belonging”
Here is what you can expect:

April 8th – Believe – the journey of believing welcomes you into the fellowship of others with whom you attend church.

April 15th – Belong – as our faith is nurtured, we take ownership of the place we attend and we begin to nurture the faith of others.

April 22nd – Become – in communion with the Word of God and the Spirit of God, begin to conform us to the image of the son of God. This is our purpose!

April 29th – Belonging at Cornerstone – An explanation of how a person, having believed, can make an intentional commitment to belong to our local church in pursuit of becoming more like Jesus. We call this membership!

Pastor Matt

Join Us Easter Sunday

Easter Week Schedule

Good Friday Service
– March 30th 7:00 PM

Sunday, April 1
– Easter Breakfast 9:00 AM (Bring a breakfast dish to share!)
– Easter Worship 10:00 AM
– Easter Egg Hunt 11:30 AM (Children’s Easter Egg hunt on the grounds. Eggs were donated by members of the church)

Come join us for a weekend of worship and fellowship!